Call us on day 1 of your period

(day 2 or 3 in case day 1 is a holiday)

One of our Team Doctors will discuss your treatment

After which you may undergo an Ultrasound Scan

And be prescribed tablets and/or injections to help your eggs grow

You will be called in for more scans over the next 2           weeks to monitor the growth of your eggs

(Follicle Studies)

You may receive an injection called the 'Trigger' on the day your egg is ready

The day you ovulate, your husband's sperm sample is concentrated, getting rid of all the dead sperm and debris in our Lab

The 'washed' or prepared sperm is deposited inside your uterus with the help of an IUI cannula

You may be prescribed a few medicines after the IUI and asked to wait for 2 weeks for your pregnancy test

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