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Dr Sukhpreet Patel is the Founder and Proprietor of Vita Fertility Clinic.  She started this clinic with the dream of being able to fulfil the dreams of others.

With over two decades of experience she has been able to help numerous couples all over the world in building families. This has been made possible through her individualised approach to each couple and attention to detail. She keeps herself continuously updated with the latest advances in her field, so as to be able to offer the best possible options to her patients.


She demonstrates her brilliance in medicine by, not just knowing how to achieve distinction grades through medical school, but being aware of the limitations of conventional medicine, and thus understanding when lifestyle changes should be given greater importance.

Besides Fertility, Dr. Sukhpreet Patel also specializes in Adolescent Health and PCOS. She has been a part of many School Health programs to create awareness about hormones amongst young girls, helping them grow into healthy women. She is an Honorary Fertility Consultant to the PCOS clinic at National Institute of Research in Reproductive Health (NIRRH).


As a mother of teenage children and, having worked as a fertility consultant for over 20 years, she is now actively promoting the health of Adolescents in order to prevent fertility related problems with them in the future.  

Dr. Sukhpreet Patel

Founder and Proprietor

Dr. Purnendu Nath earned his PhD in Finance. Along with his primary focus on financial markets and investments, he is passionate about using lifestyle protocols for improving health. He invests a few hours a week in this pursuit by guiding patients who desire to make practical lifestyle changes to improve their chances of better hormonal or reproductive health. He consults from the clinic when requested.


Puru the Guru” as he is often called, knows a thing or two about working in high-pressure environments, whether it is to achieve high exam grades or hit a sales target. From marathoners to the chronically ill, from housewives to CEOs, from young children to the elderly, he has made a difference to many lives through his mentoring of people like you around the world. His primary focus is on lifestyle tweaks so that you can get to your goals in an enjoyable manner with as little medication as possible.

 Dr. Purnendu Nath

Advisor and Consultant

Dr. Kekin Gala has over a decade of experience in Assisted Reproduction and Endoscopy. He has been associated with Vita Fertility Clinic since its inception. Dr. Gala is also currently attached to Bhatia hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, and Masina Hospital.

 Dr. Kekin Gala

Fertility Consultant

Dr. Monica Gala 

 Dr. Monica Gala


With over 2 decades of experience, Hema possesses one of the finest set of hands that are capable of producing and handling some of the best quality embryos.


She has faced a wide array of challenges in the Embryology Lab which she has always faced with confidence and by constantly upgrading her knowledge about cutting edge technology available in the field of Assisted Reproduction.


Hema has participated in several conferences and workshops to keep pace with all the recent advances in the field. She is an expert at Vitrification which is the ideal method for freezing human eggs and embryos. This ensures that eggs and embryos in our laboratory have ideal survival rates.

Hema also prides herself in Blastocyst culture, having utmost faith in her systems to be able to take embryos all the way to day 5.

    Hema Majithia

Senior Embryologist

Sarita is an integral part of Vita since its inception. She has been one of the building blocks of the clinic.


Besides managing each detail of the procedure room, she also  handles the out-patient department. Going through fertility treatment can be an ordeal due to emotional and / or physical pain. Sarita and Megha make this journey of painful injections, blood collections and procedures as smooth as it could ever get for any woman.


With their compassion, empathy and smiling faces they ensure that every woman visiting Vita feels comfortable and relaxed

Sarita Khamkar


Megha is our fertility nurse who is in charge of the functioning of the out patient department, including ultrasound and pathology. 

Her gentle and caring attitude makes it difficult not to like her. Together with Sarita, she helps make the journey of painful injections, blood collections and procedures as smooth as it could ever get for any woman.


With her compassion, empathy and smiling face she ensures that every woman visiting Vita feels comfortable and relaxed

Megha Bhoir


A woman behind the scenes. With her dedication toward regular and thorough cleaning, Mehser not only keeps the reception sparkling white, but also ensures that we have no infection in the laboratory and the theatre.

Mehser Khan

OT and Ward Assistant

A woman behind the scenes. With her dedication toward regular and thorough cleaning, Rabiya not only keeps the reception sparkling white, but also ensures that we have no infection in the laboratory and the theatre.

Rabiya Khan

OT and Ward Assistant